Chevy V8 DuraKrome Engine Fastener Kits
Kits Include Fasteners for:
Chevy Sm. Blk. Chevy LT-1 Chevy Vortec 350 Chevy LS-1 Chevy Big Blk.
Headers Injection Mount Fuel Pump Oil Pan Fuel Pump
Intake Manifold Headers Headers Front Cover Headers
Oil Pan Intake Manifold Intake Manifold Valley Cover Intake Manifold
Valve Covers Oil Pan Oil Pan Valve Cover 1997 Oil Pan
Timing Cover Valve Covers Valve Covers Valve Cover 1998-04 Valve Covers
Water Neck Water Pump Short Water Pump Water Pump Water Pump
Fuel Pump Timing Cover Timing Cover Coolant Pipes Timing Cover
Distributor Hold Down   Distributor Intake Manifold Distributor Hold Down
Options Choice:   Water Neck FI Rail Water Neck
Short Water Pump     Throttle Body  
Long Water Pump     Exhaust Manifold  
Sensors (MAP, etc.)        
DuraKrome(TM) Dress-Up Kits as Described Above. Socket Head & Button Head Kits include Matching Allen Keys.
Application Part Number
Chevy LT-1
Hex Head - Chrome CHV82CHCSPR
Socket Head - Chrome CHV82CKCSPR
Button Head - Chrome CHV82CKBCPR
12 Point - Chrome CHV82CB12PR
Chevy Small Block
Hex Head - Chrome CHV81CHCSPR
Socket Head - Chrome CHV81CKCSPR
Button Head - Chrome CHV81CKBCPR
12 Point - Chrome CHV81CB12PR
Chevy Vortec 350
Hex Head - Chrome CHV83CHCSPR
Socket Head - Chrome CHV83CKCSPR
Button Head - Chrome CHV83CKBCPR
12 Point - Chrome CHV83CB12PR
Chevy LS-1
Hex Head - Chrome CHV84CHCSPR
Socket Head - Chrome CHV84CKCSPR
Button Head - Chrome CHV84CKBCPR
12 Point - Chrome CHV84CB12PR
Chevy Big Block
Hex Head - Chrome CHV85CHCSPR
Socket Head - Chrome CHV85CKCSPR
Button Head - Chrome CHV85CKBCPR
12 Point - Chrome CHV85CB12PR



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