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We make no guarantee that all of the product information provided here is 100% accurate. We are not responsible for inaccuracy or errors and/or omissions in the information provided.

KMS Sportgroup Inc. is not a representative of any Motorcycle Manufacturer, nor are the parts sold by the company necessarily recommended by any motorcycle manufacturer.
KMS Sportgroup Inc. does import and sell performance equipment for the V-Twin and Sportbike industry, and buyers should be aware that some of these parts may void a particular manufacturer's new vehicle warranty. KMS Sportgroup Inc. and it's manufacturer's offer a standard parts warranty that does not replace any manufacture's new vehicle warranty.
KMS Sportgroup Inc. is not an Authorized Harley Davidson® Retailer, nor is the company affiliated in any way with Harley Davidson Inc.®,
KMS Sportgroup Inc. does sell parts for Harley Davidson® motorcycles and other V-Twin Manufacturer's , and will from time to time refer to various model names or part numbers as a term of reference in the fitting or applications of it's parts.  These references in no way suggest or imply any relationship with Harley Davidson Inc.®, or its dealer  base, and is strictly used for fitment reference only.
To the best of our knowledge, none of the parts on these web pages were designed by or manufactured by Harley Davidson Inc.® .




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