The Pinguard™  -  "Security for your souvenir pins forever!"

Where did The Pinguard ™ come from…?

Folklore has it that “necessity is the mother of all invention“, so let me tell you The Pinguard ™ story.

Like many people, I once had a very special pin. It was custom made, solid gold, and hand delivered one spring morning as a special gift. Proudly, I wore that pin from coast to coast, and then one day it was gone. Hours of frantic searching for it dragged by,… and still no pin…, as the day came to a close, and all hope faded away, the full impact of the loss set in. How could I have lost something so special, how could I ever explain….

20 years later, the loss still lingers in my mind. That event, is one of the driving forces behind the Pinguard™. Never would I lose a pin again….

Simple, efficient, and easy to use, The Pinguard ™ is our answer to “ Security for your souvenir pins! ”

We have tested many times
The Pinguard ™ on lapel pins, jacket pins, event pins, marquee pins, tie tacks, even military / police pins and grandma’s heirloom broach. The Pinguard ™ works on every pin we tested, with the exception of the special threaded military or police pins. If you have a pin with a standard clutch back on it, and you want to protect it….the Pinguard ™ is your solution.

No fuss, no stress, no magnifying glasses needed, simply remove your standard clutch pin back, and slip on the two stage, heavy duty, locking Pinguard ™
That’s it!

Simple, quick and easy…no exposed pin points, no sharp butterfly clasp edges, no special fitting or tools… Just slip it on!

“ Security for your souvenir pins forever! ”

The Pinguard TM is available for special events, and to non- profit organizations as a fund raising opportunity. For further information contact your local retailer or KMS Sportgroup directly. The Pinguard TM is also available on your custom designed event pin. For a quote please contact KMS Sportgroup directly.

  • The Pinguard (package of 10)  -  #PG.001

  • The Pinguard Display (includes 36 of PG.001)  -  #PGD.001

  • The Pinguard Display Refill (36 pkg. of PG.001)  -  #PG.002

  • The Pinguard Display Rack (display rack only, no stock)  -  #PGD.002



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