Pro Pad - Viscoelastic Dry Polymer Inserts

Pro Pad Viscoelastic Dry Polymer inserts are now available in Canada. Each polymer insert can be cut to fit any size seat without worry of leakage or breakdown. Installations take from 2 to 4 hours depending upon the seat. Uses no silicone, leaves no residue that can destroy seat materials. Stops numb butt, and reduces rider fatigue and shortens recovery time on very long rides.

For individual inserts:

  • Small insert: Used only for small custom seats. Usually for the back.
  • Medium insert: Used mostly for stock passenger seat but can be also used for small custom seats in the front.
  • Large insert: Most widely used size. Will fit almost all stock front seats and larger rear seats.
  • X-Large insert: Used for only the really large seats such as the Goldwing 1800 and Intruder 1400.


  Medium Insert  
Medium Insert Kit



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