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The PRO PAD is available as a Top Pad with a highly durable cover and non-slip bottom piece. The Pro Pad will complement the original style of your bike. Our Top Pads come in two different sizes to fit almost every Harley. With adjustable straps, the Top Pad will stay put throughout your ride.

Each Top Pad comes with a two strapping system that can easily attach to almost any seat. An elastic strap is sewn onto the bottom of each pad and slips over the front nose of seat. Then the pad can be pulled into position. Its non-slip bottom and weight (approximately 2 - 3 lbs.) prevent the Top Pad from shifting positions. The elastic is only used to prevent "fly aways" when a rider stands up while in motion. The other system is a pair of "ears" sewn on the side of the pad. These "ears" are nylon loops where the hook clips in simply slide the open end of the clip into the loop and snap it shut. Then place the hook and lower lip of the seat or frame rail and pull the elastic strap to give it a tight fit. The elastic straps on the hook clips are made to take up the "slack" when a rider gets on and off of the seat. Also, the hooks, which are coated in vinyl to prevent scratching, can be taken off in order for the elastic strap to be fitted directly to the frame or other parts of the bike. In most cases the sewn in elastic strap is all that is needed to secure the pad.
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