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Wild Oneİ 1.25" Thick Chubbyİ

Custom 1.25" thick with smooth polished riser welds and pre-drilled for internal wiring. They are 30.5" wide with superior bends for comfort and control. Pullback risers are spaced 3.5" on center for standard triple trees, threaded .5" x 13. They clear the tank and dash on all stock model bikes and work with the stock cables, brake line and wiring on most models.

Chubbyİ 6.0" Drags, 4.5" end rise, 10.5" pullback WO 500

Chubbyİ 8.0" Drags, 5.5" end rise, 11.5" pullback WO 501

Wild Oneİ 1.25" Thick Chubbyİ Ape Hanger

Awesome bends place your hands and wrists at the best angle for maximum leverage, comfort and control. A sensational custom look on all stock models and custom bikes.

36.5" width, end rise 12.5", center 10.0", 12.0" pullback

WO 502

Wild Oneİ 1.25" Thick Chubbyİ Knuckle Bars Super Low

Super low and wide for a cool custom look. Great fit on Fatboyİ, Heritageİ, FLHİ Shovel models and custom bikes. Work with the stock cables, brake line and wiring.

36.5" width, end rise 2.0", center 10.0", 8.5" pullback

WO 503

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