Tired of paying high prices for your chrome and polished hardware? Chrome Hardware Supply is the quality and price leader for chrome and polished fasteners. All of our chrome hardware is baked after plating. This is essential to maintaining the strength and integrity of the part. There are suppliers who don't take this extra step. All of our chrome screws and bolts are made from Grade 8 steel, providing superior performance over grade 5 fasteners. Quality is essential. We started our business supplying fasteners for helicopters and military aircraft, the space shuttle and satellites, submarines and other critical applications. We know the importance of quality.

socket head cap screws
socket head cap screws w/ kurls
flat head screws
hex head screws
12 point cap screws
button torx drive
chrome plated nuts
chrome plated washers

Garage Assortments
hex head cap screw ass.
smooth socket head cap screw ass.
button head screws
flat head cap screws
12 point cap screws
hex nut & nylon lock nuts
master ass. with 7 drawer chest

Motorcycle Kits

Automotive Kits
Chevy DuraKrome Kit
Chevy DuraKrome Components
Chevy PolishTech Kit
Chevy PolishTech Components
Ford DuraKrome Kit
Ford DuraKrome Components
Ford PolishTech Kit - (No info available)
Ford PolishTech Components
GM DuraKrome Transmission / Rear Differentail Cover Kit
GM PolishTech Transmission / Rear Differentail Cover Kit
Mopar DuraKrome Kit
Mopar DuraKrome Components
Mopar PolishTech Kit
Mopar PolishTech Components
Pontiac DuraKrome Kit
Pontiac DuraKrome Components
Ponitac PolishTech Kit
Pontiac PolishTech Components

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