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After installing the Glide-Pro Stabilizer System, I noticed a dramatic difference in the handling quality of the 2007 Road King.

The Glide-Pro reduced the wobble effect without increasing vibration. This easy to install product still allows the motor to move front to back like it was designed to do, yet reduces the lateral flex that is often encountered on rubber mounted touring models.

What this means to the rider is better handling, especially at higher speeds.

Brad Olshen
Hot Bike Bagger Magazine
It didn't even take until the end of the driveway before we noticed the difference.

There was immediately more firmness to the chassis. The loose feel of the bike was replaced with a very connected-to-the-ground sensation, without any increase in vibration.

Adding a large dose of speed didn't change things either.

The tighter chassis didn't make for any discomfort, just a more planted feel at all speeds.

We give our hearty recommendation.
Hot Bagger Magazine (Jan. 2008)