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Lyndall Racing Brakes was formed in 1998 as a California Limited Liability Co. The first "target segment" in motorcycles was the racing rider. We worked the tracks diligently for the first two seasons of our existence , and found that the excitement of the race was exhilarating, but the greatest value of the track for us was as an advanced proving ground for product developments and as a theater of validation for our developed products. All the elements that are the nemesis of a brake pad are present at the track. We continue to follow the races, to communicate with the racers, but consider the track our test ground more than a pure market. Our track work makes the street rider's experience safer and more pleasurable.

If not the race bike, what? This question was not rhetorical to LRB when we made our decision. It was, and is, abundantly clear that the American cruiser market is the segment in which we can make the biggest impact, and bring more safety and more pleasure to the most motorcyclists.

Our plan is to methodically address the several products that make up the braking system, and to devise the very best of each of these, until we can finally offer the complete LRB system, where every component is designed to work with each other, in perfect harmony, neither overpowering nor under powering the other system components. We will make no product with price as our major consideration.

We are proud of what we offer now, and confident of future excellence in brake systems and components.


Lyndall Racing Brakes




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