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Lyndall Racing Brakes,   The authority in stopping power !

Track tested and race proven, Lyndall Racing Brakes offers a uniquely engineered Carbon/Kevlar brake pad which excels at virtually all applications. Use it on the street, in the canyons, and on the track! We now offer it for use on dirt bikes as well!


More Stopping Power
Longer Lasting
Rotor Friendly
Won't Squeak
Won't Fade

To be the best brake pad available
Introducing LRB Composite Rotors !
Full Floating - Available in 11.5" and 13" diameters (1.5 lbs. and 2lbs.)
Offering a serious reduction in unsprung weight = faster acceleration +
deceleration & effortless transition!
Derived from Formula Atlantic and Indy Light open wheel car racing, this friction material is a proprietary blend of Carbon-Kevlar and trace iron that excels in extreme environments. The Gold pad requires break-in and generally averages about 7,000 to 10,000 miles.
This ultra-light friction ring is fully CNC machined from functually gradient metal composite material and is fitted to a 6061 Aluminum carrier with 16mm Aluminum buttons. The entire 11.5" fully floating rotor weighs under two pounds.
Our Z-Plus compound is a softened version of the gold compound and does not require break-in. It is excellent for general purpose riding and offers a high coefficient of friction. This is the most rotor friendly pad in the industry. It produces no dust, no rotor wear, and no noise. The service life generally averages about 18,000 miles.
Our stainless rotors start with high quality 420 steel heat-treated to Rockwell C-37 hardness and manufactured on a CNC machine to exacting specification. The rotor is then chemically passivated and highly polished prior to assembly using hardware that is manufactured
out 304 stainless steel.
 We offer a life-time warranty on these rotors to any of our customers who installs them and exclusively uses our high-performance and rotor friendly "Z" pads, provided the pads and rotors never go metal to metal.



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