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Tuesday, August 03,1999
As the owner of a 1999 Harley Road King, I have spent thousands of dollars on products since I purchased the bike in April of this year. Nothing I have bought compares with the small amount I spent to upgrade to Lyndall Racing Brakes. Stopping distance has been reduced by at least 25%. And the most important, no more Squeaks!

Thank You
Mike Wehunt

Monday, November 26, 2001
Subject: Thank You!!!!

Hi Paul, Jr.

Last week, I replaced the stock brakes pads on my 2000 Indian Chief
(2,500 miles) with the Gold-Carbon Kevlar Pads and simply put the
difference is out of this world. I never realized that my motorcycle
was actually capable of stopping with such assurance. It's truly a
great feeling when I now apply the brakes -- they grab like a tiger. I
understand why you offer a money back guarantee if you don't like what
you get.

The pads cost a bit more than others, but then again your pads are in a
class of their own -- it was money well spent and frankly my life is
worth an extra forty dollars. Also, like most riders, I like to keep my
scooter looking spotless and with your kevlar pads, I spend less time
cleaning my rims and whitewall tires and more time riding. I'm going to
be purchasing another set of your brake pads just to have them handy.
Thank you for producing such great products. Please let me know if I
can be of any assistance as your company grows.

Dan Jung

Friday, January 11, 2002
The following text was posted on the Iron Indian Web Site.

"Hey Tribe... Installed my new Lyndall brake pads and then had a cold snap
and couldn't break them in. I have done so now and the only thing I can say
is, WOW!!!, what a difference! Now here comes the good part. About 7:30-80
PM last week the phone rings and it's a guy from Lyndall wanting to know how
I liked the brake pads. I told him I hadn't broken them in yet but would
post here after I did. How many times has anyone called you to ask how you
like their product?
Some of you wish Indian would. You GOT to get these pads, I love em! I
will tell you while you are breaking them in you will not only smell them,
you will taste them also. God awful, but well worth it! Thanks Guys! Fritz
in Terre Haute, Indian(a)"

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

From: Mike Miller

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to let you know how it went at sears point w/my new brake pads. I entered my 1200 Sportster in formula open twins class. Started 25th, finished 22nd & I would of finished higher if I hadn't blown a couple of shifts. I used brand S*S brake pads before & didn't really care for them. After I installed yours, the feel I got with them was, security & great feel. They never faded & my hand didn't get tired. They worked so good that I could go alot deeper in the corners. I want to thank you very much for allowing me to use your brake pads, & if you ever get a chance to come & watch, I will welcome you. I will try & get you a list of up coming races & dates.
These brake pads are great & I will continue using them throughout my racing career. Thanks again, Mike Miller AFM #757

Monday, April 29, 2002

Just a not e to say how much I love these new gold brake pads on
my FLSTC. They have such a good positive feel to them. Far better than any
pad I have ever used. And so far not all the brake dust on my white walls
like the pads of old. I'm recommending them to all. Thanks, Greg

Greg Bell

Monday, April 29, 2002

From: William Deal

Hi Paul,

Just want to let you know how much I like your brake pads. I've been doing a number of track days at Pocono and seemed to be unable to improve my lap times beyond a certain point. To make a long story short I did some careful suspension set up and put a set of your brake pads on and managed to drop my lap times by almost 4 seconds a lap. Thanks for the help.


Thursday, September 05, 2002

To: Michael Moon

From: Gabor Zolna

Michael, I have been working with Chris (Irv Seavers) and Paul Jr. of Lyndall Racing Brakes (1-800) 400-9490 to try and resolve the LT 1200 rear brake squeaking problem. I am pleased to report that Chris at Irv Seavers installed a new rear rotor and a set of Lyndall Racing Kevlar pads on the rear of my 1200 LT. I rode the bike for three hundred miles and the brakes did not make a single squeak. Lyndall will be releasing a set of front pads shortly. Although the front pads that BMW offers have never squeaked, based on having Lyndall Racing Brakes installed on my Harley Davidson Road King Classic both front and rear, I believe that from a performance perspective they are superior in stopping power to what is offered by BMW. Chris at Irv Seaver is the one to contact should any of the 1200 LT riders wish to have the Lydall Racing Brakes installed. I recommend that they install a rear rotor a the same time, since otherwise the rotors may already be contaminated with foreign material. It is also important to follow the break -in instructions that Lyndall insists on should you wish to have their warranty in effect. I hope this information is helpful in resolving a problem that many of us 1200 LT riders have experienced.


Monday, September 09, 2002

From: Richard Metcalf

I put the lyndall racing brakes on my 00 Road king
and cannot believe how good those brakes work, my
stopping power has increased greatly, now my harley
stops like it should . thank you for making such a
good product its worth the money at twice the price
New loyal customer
Richard Metcalf





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